May Discounts

For the month of May we will be offering a 25% discount on all videos with the code GAGGEDGIRLS2021. You can use it for as many videos as you can add to your cart! We will be adding a new video each day for May so now is a great time to stock up on […]

We are thrilled to present our Tape Gag Challenge Video. Many thanks to the models who took part. Starring: Kody Evans, Rachel Adams. Arielle Lane, Wendy Warrior, B., Constance, and Kitty Quinzell. I hope it brightens everyone’s spirits during these challenging times.

Like all good sororities, the sisters of Beta Gamma Gamma are dedicated to philanthropy and charity work.  Beta sister Nyssa Nevers hosts their annual fundraiser to help a local charity. For the past month, the sister have been collecting pledges from the college community for their annual bondage challenge.  One of the Beta sisters is […]

This clips starts with tied tightly, arms behind her back with her knees spread and tied securely.  No matter how she twists or squirms she can’t change her exposure.  With her knees open wide her pussy is displayed and completely vulnerable.  Her mouth is taped shut with microfoam tape and she is left to struggle […]

Caught Peeking When Mallory comes across a stack of bondage magazines she finds herself immersed in her own private fantasy world.  As she looks at the pages of the magazine she can’t help but be turned on, touching herself and wondering what it would feel like to be one of those girls.  As she rubs […]

The Bondage Interview Ashley has been looking for work for months.  A story in the newspaper gets gets her attention, when she sees a new store is opening and they are hiring for new positions. The ad reads: Positions are available for smart, college-educated, young women for “special assignments” that include demonstrations of their products and […]

Tape Gag Therapy: Tables Turned (Clips4Sale) It has been an exciting year for Dr. Nyssa Nevers.  She has developed a brand new therapy that is capable of complete transformation of a patient in just 28 days.  Using a straitjacket and microfoam tape in addition to intensive audio and video stimulation, she is able to completely […]