Ashley Lane: Boyfriend Betrayal



Boyfriend Betrayal

Ashley finds herself in quite a fix.  Her boyfriend has been betting again and this time, he is in way over his head.  He’s lost not only all of his own money, but also Ashley’s entire life savings.  To make matters worse, the people he is in debt to are not the kind of people you want to owe money.

John has arranged a deal.  If Ashley will go visit the guys and give them a little show, he can work off a little debt.

It is all fun and games at first as Ashley shows up in a cute little sundress and has her legs strapped to a table, showing off her pantyhose.  But as John refuses to play ball, the deal gets worse for Ashley as she her dress is removed and she is handcuffed and tape gagged.  Now, dressed only in pantyhose and on full display, John is forced to choose, sign over his business or give up Ashley!

Taped and bound, she is left to squirm helplessly, awaiting her fate and unsure if John is coming to save her or if it is another case of boyfriend betrayal!

Shot in HD.  19 Mins.

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