Mallory Page: Caught Peeking



Caught Peeking

When Mallory comes across a stack of bondage magazines she finds herself immersed in her own private fantasy world.  As she looks at the pages of the magazine she can’t help but be turned on, touching herself and wondering what it would feel like to be one of those girls.  As she rubs and teases her pussy, she fails to realize that she is no longer alone.

When she is caught masturbating to the bondage magazines, she is taught a lesson.  Her dream of being one of those bondage girls is about to come true as she is hogtied and tape gagged and left to squirm and struggle, feeling what it is like to be in tight rope bondage, just like the girls she was admiring.

The magazines she was masturbating to are tossed in front of her as a reminder and eventually, after squirming in desperation, the lights are turned out and she is left to contemplate her fantasies and desires as she writhes helplessly, bound and gagged.

19 Mins

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