Nyssa Nevers: Stolen Inheritance



After a very long wait, Nyssa has finally come into her inheritance: $100 Million!  After a long night of celebrating and just a few drinks too many, she finds herself stripped and chained to the wall, wearing nothing but pantyhose, handcuffs, and a tape gag.

Much to her shock and dismay, she is greeted by a woman who looks exactly like her, who begins to explain how she has been molded into her identical double, right down to her fingerprints.  Her diabolical plan is to step in a take over the heiress’s life now that her inheritance is complete.

But what is to become of Nyssa?  Her double explains that Nyssa needs to disappear and the best way to accomplish that is to sell her off at auction where she will become a slave, never to be heard from again.

As her double leaves to start her life of luxury and fame, Nyssa is subjected to an auction where she is sold off to the highest bidder.

Her life of riches, fashion, and fame is replaced with a life of slavery and submission.

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