Playing Politics (Starring Christina Carter)



Playing Politics

Christina Carter thinks she has the upper hand on her boss, a successful politician with a knack for raising huge sums of money.  As the campaign is nearing its end, she decides it is the right time to play her cards. She threatens to file charges of sexual harassment against her boss unless he makes a big payoff.  $100,000 and a couple of nice vacations.

When she goes to pick up her payoff, she finds something else waiting for her.  A man who demands she strip naked and who chains her to the wall and tape gags her, leaving her only in her pantyhose.

What she thinks is a revenge plot by her boss turns even more sinister when announcements start coming over the loudspeaker about items and auctions.  Slowly, she begins to realize the “items” are other women and the auctions are selling them to the highest bidder.

When a number is slapped on her and the bidding begins, she panics, realizing this not just teaching her a lesson.  It is for real!

Eventually, she finds herself boxed up and being transported to another country.  She should have known better than to play politics with a master politician!

15 Mins.

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