Tape Gag Therapy (Starring Rachel Adams)



Tape Gag Therapy

Tape Gag Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment which is used to transform unruly and wayward girls into fine upstanding and submissive women.

Rachel finds herself with a choice after a night of escapades that she can hardly remember.  Spend years in jail for agree to undergo a new anger management procedure for 28 days.

Without hesitation she chooses the new program where she meets the esteemed Dr. Nevers who begins the process of Rachel’s Tape Gag Therapy.

Rachel is kept bound in a straitjacket and tape gagged for an entire month, with only short breaks for feeding.  She is subjected to lectures, mantras, and scoldings all designed to help rewire her brain to be more accepting of the principles of being a good submissive  young lady.

As her treatment intensifies, she is also subjected to an intense regimen of prolonged teasing and orgasm denial sessions to deepen her submission and re-wire her sexual responses.

By the time her treatment is over, she is a new woman, ready to please and to make sure that bondage and tape gags are forever part of her life.

Featuring Nyssa Nevers

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