Tape Gag Therapy: Tables Turned (Nyssa Nevers)



Tape Gag Therapy: Tables Turned

It has been an exciting year for Dr. Nyssa Nevers.  She has developed a brand new therapy that is capable of complete transformation of a patient in just 28 days.  Using a straitjacket and microfoam tape in addition to intensive audio and video stimulation, she is able to completely reshape the personality of her patients, turning even the most unruly girl into a sweet, obedient, submissive.

After multiple tests, and successes, she has finally collected, processed, and analyzed all the data and is now about to send her first paper off for publication to an elite medical journal.  Her colleague and mentor has been so impressed by her work that he has offered to help guide her through the process of dealing with editors, revisions, and publication.

She is so excited and grateful that when thinks she is signing off on an author release form, she doesn’t bother to read it, only to find that she has signed a form submitting to her own treatment: 28 days bound and tape gagged!

Getting her bound is easy, when she suggests posing in the straitjacket for some promotional pictures.

Once the straitjacket is on, her mouth is taped and she soon realizes that she is going to be transformed by her own therapy.  Her colleague has submitted her paper under his own name and she ends up realizing that once the treatment is complete, her life will change forever.

About Tape Gag Therapy

Invented by doctors to help teach obedient and submissive behavior, tape gag therapy is an extreme form of bondage and gagging that requires the patient to be kept in a straitjacket and tape gagged for a 28 day period.  During that time, the patient experiences a wide variety of treatments, designed to teach them discipline and obedience and to allow them to re-emerge as better adjusted, obedient women, happy in their submission.

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