Bondage and Tape Gag Institute



This is an introduction to The Bondage and Tape Gag Institute, which explains the history and the purpose of the Institute as well as all the various programs the institute supports.

The 18 minute clip featuring segments from our Tape Gag Therapy storyline and features Rachel Adams, Christina Carter, Nyssa Nevers, and Sarah Gregory.

The video documents the following areas:

Reform Services: One the key services is using Tape Gag Therapy to treat and reform unruly girls.  In this section, we explain how the process created by Dr. Nyssa Nevers can be used to change attitudes and create perfectly submissive girls from those who have attitude problems or histories of poor behavior.

Bondage Addiction: In some case, a lack of interest in bondage can be detrimental to a relationship.  This service instills an interest in bondage, ranging from enthusiasm to clinical addiction.  We are able to improve the sex life of many patients by programming them to love bondage and enjoy it with their partners.

Corporate Services: We also love to work in corporate environments, helping employees find new satisfaction in their jobs, particularly by integrating bondage and gags into the workplace and creating permanent attitude changes in employees to increase obedience, efficiency, and job performance.

Nursing Staff: We specialize in medical environments and often find that the nursing staff can be motivated to perform better by incorporating bondage and gagging into their daily routines.

Group Therapy: While the majority of our programs and single inpatient programs, we also offer group therapy sessions with multiple girls spending time together in strict bondage, tape gagged.

This sampler provides an introduction to our various video series that you can later view to better understand all of our programs.

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